MVLX - These four letters can make renewing your vehicle license so much more exhausting.

This is the main reason that renewing your vehicle license can be much more stressful than you first acknowledged.

MVLX can come in many different forms but some of the most common is - Enforcements, Roadworthy required and Other Unlicensed vehicles.

For those of you who do not know what an MVLX is, it is basically a roadblock for your license.

Picture this…. You are waiting in the queue at the post office for 3 hours (highly irritated by the mask you are wearing and the baby crying hysterically just a few steps behind you) and you finally reach the next available helpdesk. You finish the process and pay for your license disc. Instead of a vehicle license disc you just get back the MVLX receipt, with no disc present! The receipt looks like the normal renewal receipts but instead of the disc you get a heartbreaking message say "Enforcements blocking receipt of disc."

What does this mean though? Once you get this receipt either saying Enforcements, Roadworthy required and Other Unlicensed vehicles - this means you are not getting your vehicle renewal license disc until these issues are cleared up.

Enforcements: This means you have overdue traffic infringements that have unfortunately changed into “Enforcement Orders”. Blindly paying some of the traffic infringements you have received will not necessarily resolve this issue. You need to specifically pay the fines that have been converted to enforcement orders.

Solution: With ChatBack you can get a report called an R114 report which tells you exactly which fines have to be paid and the amount that is due. This is so much more time efficient and budget friendly than paying all the fines that you are aware of just to get a second MVLX receipt stating that your enforcements is STILL blocking your disc.

Roadworthy: This means you must get your vehicle a roadworthy certificate by performing a roadworthy test at the nearest test station. Unfortunately, it is not that easy as these certificates expire after 60 Days. Therefore, if you do not renew your vehicle within that time period, you will have to go book another appointment and redo the roadworthy.

Solution: With ChatBack you do not have to do this tedious process over and over you just notify ChatBack once you done with the roadworthy and they will resubmit your application, quick and easy. Once a roadworthy is performed, you will receive your license disc within 10 business days. I bet that is quicker than you thought it could be.

Other Unlicensed: This means that you have other unlicensed vehicles registered on your name that has also expired. The MVLX roadblock is preventing you from getting any license disc before licensing all the vehicles registered in your name. In many cases you don’t even remember the other vehicle registration number or remember which vehicle is expired or even worse, you don’t have another vehicle.

Solution: ChatBack can obtain a R114 report for you that is linked to your ID number, reflecting all vehicles registered in your name that is due for licensing. You can then renew these other unlicensed vehicles through ChatBack in a few simple steps on Whatsapp and receive all your license discs to your door or you can revisit the post office next time you are free with all the necessary documents - I know which one I’m selecting. ChatBack – Keep it simple.

Why waste time and energy on the small things when you can leave it to ChatBack.

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